Food: Customize IN-N-OUT Cheeseburger
Type: American
Cost: $2.30 plus tax
Restaurant: In-N-Out Burger
550 Newhall Dr
San Jose, CA 95110
(800) 786-1000
(Closest location to me)

In-N-Out is my favorite burger place because they concentrate on only beef burgers. They can be very simple, but at the same time you can customize your burger literally any way you want it. This is what I usually tell the cashier, “May I please have a Cheeseburger animal style, no pickles, with extra whole grilled onions.” My second favorite way of customizing my burger is ordering it the same way, but adding protein style. What this means is they use lettuce to wrap the burger instead of having the sponge-dough buns. Animal style and protein style are both customizations on the “secret menu“. Check out the link at the end of this blog for some items on the “secret menu”.

My tip for eating at In-N-Out is that there is only an extra charge for extra meat patties and extra slices of cheese. Do not be afraid to customize it anyway you want. You can ask for extra produce (lettuce, tomatoes, onions) if you want, or even no produce if you so desire. What a great deal!
I forgot to also mention that In-N-Out has some of the best customer service around! Why? The reason is because if your burger is not cooked the way you would like it to be, they will re-cook it for you again without a frown and the workers there are always very friendly and polite.